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The Bonedaddys : Song descriptions from the album “waterslide” 1. Waterslide- An upbeat, Latin “Fun in the sun” type tune con Espanol. Rich instrumentation with horns and harmony vocals and whimsical lyrics. With Spanish “coros” in bridge and outro. 2. Makin’ Roux- Stripped-down New Orleans style funk that employs the metaphor of cooking roux (the base sauce of Creole cooking) for making love. 3. Some People- A laid-back gospel-soul blues mambo tune looking at the “haves” from a “have nots” point of view; complete with an ironic lyrical twist at the end. 4. Blame It On The Moon- Swampy, percussion heavy second-line influenced groove with vocal description of why and how easy it is to be “bad” in the Big Easy. 5. Heartbreaker- A Girl Song: Jangle-y guitars over a snaky rhythm bed with big vocal harmonies and horns on the chorus. Features a shared solo section with baritone sax and acoustic guitar and psychedelic outro with screaming guitars and hand drum. 6. Oughta Give It Away- A rocking ode to Persuasion featuring a solid back beat and big chorus hook. 7. Never Say Goodbye- Uptempo soul music groove with lyrics that play with opposites. “I’ll never say ‘goodbye’ without saying ‘hello.’” Catchy chorus. 8. Trampoline- Jaw harp, washboard, banjo and harmonica introduce this raging two-step country stomp about a girl with “One choice in Life, not covered in doubt.” With back to back guitar solos leading into a harmonica breakdown. 9. Reverend Singer- Rocksteady/reggae beat with tight group vocals and short dub section toward the end. Instructive in how to get the cloistered girl. 10. Vitamin D- This song expresses an optimistic view of life in spite of troubles. It lopes along with a bright and sun shiny English Beat-style rhythm and rock guitars. 11. Louisville Flame- Racehorse references abound in this song about the one who got away- “Out of the gate with blinders on.” Back to back guitar solos with a timbale breakdown. 12. Hula Girl (Dancing On My Dash)- A funny red-neck anthem and hillbilly love song to a dashboard muse. 13. Continental Drift- (Instrumental)- Afro-surf rhythm with loads of percussion and King Sunny Ade-flavored slide work that conjures up visions of sand and sea, desert and jungle, moving land masses and floating sax and guitar lines skywriting cryptic messages in the clouds.