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Toes Tavern was very memorable for me. I'm Rick Moors, bass player with The Bonedaddys since '86. I was sitting at Toes in Pasadena waiting for the rest of the band to show up for a Friday night gig. After a while a band began setting up, and I thought, "Strange, we don't usually have an opening band." I happened to glance up at a poster which said "Bonedaddys - Saturday night." Terror stricken, I realized there had been a SNAFU either on my part or Tempo's and that I was supposed to be playing at the Belly Up near San Diego that night, and I was supposed to be on stage in an hour and a half. I screamed down there at 90 MPH all the way, and was only 10 minutes late, horrifying, sort of like one of those bad dreams that goes on forever. Rick