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The Bonedaddys new album "waterslide" The Bonedaddys, are L.A.'s original "Worldbeatniks" (since 1985) and one of the very first American bands to be described as Worldbeat. The Bonedaddys still take a "wide stance" stylistically, and claim influences ranging from Charles Ives to Burl Ives and much in-between; with the common musical denominator being a fun, dancable party ambience. The Bonedaddys now present their 6th album "waterslide." The songs on "waterslide" feature soulful vocals by frontman Kaspar Abbo and King Cotton (named after Elvis' favorite brand of bacon) and the twin guitar attack of Marcus Watkins and Phil Gough, with Jay Work on saxophones and propelled by bass (Rick Moors), drums (Casey Jones) and Mike Tempo on percussion. The 13 grooves on "waterslide" are a merry-go-round of styles and range from funk, rock, blues mambo, soca, Latin, rock-steady and psycho-billy two-step to an afro-surf twang meets spaghetti-western instrumental. For The Bonedaddys, Worldbeat has come full circle to include an expression of American roots music. The songs on "waterslide" are designed to move butts of all persuasions.